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Multi-postback support (Outbound)

We're currently evaluating this particular item which is under review, and we want to get your feedback and suggestions to help us along in defining specs, use cases and anything else that may prove particularly valuable (within the scope of this item).

Current situation -

Different mobile traffic partners provide separate postback URLs / pixels for distinct conversion event types (i.e. install v post-install events)

As Voluum can currently only support a single postback URL / pixel within the TS template / campaign config', alternate means are currently needed for users to be able to filter which conversion event(s) will be relayed through the supported source PB URL / pixel.

(Example of current work-around solution;
URL placed in TS template / campaign points to PHP in local server to read filter values passed, apply logic to populate selective values into a given URL / pixel and then post request to traffic partner, or other).

This format isn't accessible to the majority of users, and a better means to filter different conversion event types to be posted outbound would be awesome!

Kindly leave your own feedback and suggestions for this item below -

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