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Deleting/Resetting a campaigns stats

If I do some test clicks on a campaign, or if I mess up the setup and want to reset the stats on a campaign.

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Robert Gryn shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →
under review  ·  Adrian.Love responded  · 

Status of this item has been changed to ‘under review’ as it has slipped in priority within our immediate product development pipeline.
Any future updates will be posted here.

Thank you for your patience.


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  • Ryan Thames commented  · 

    I definitely would like this feature. Also PLEASE create a feature to allow editing of conversions. For instance, the ability to edit the revenue made on a conversion after it was entered into the system.

  • Jermaine Pendelton commented  · 

    Yeah, I would like this. At the moment the stats are useless.

    The only solution seems to be making a new account.

  • romain BAUDOT commented  · 

    Any news?
    Is it possible to reset all stats of a campaign?
    Is there any alternative? Clone it and archive?

  • Jason Ascher commented  · 

    Has this been included in the last update???? Voluum?

  • Marius Rebane commented  · 

    This update would be really appreciated... Any news?

  • Fernando Pizarro commented  · 

    hey voluum - second this - there's a ton of garbage in my account that just makes searching more difficult.

  • Cliff Truss commented  · 

    Come on Voluum, a bit of feedback would be nice

  • Stephen Wallace commented  · 

    I believe that adding this feature will be one that many will use and perceive as added value to the tool.

  • Greg Fitzsimmons commented  · 

    I am a newbie and knows not what he is doing. I have campaigns that I messed up on before I got some thing right. Now when I started a campaign it was one I needed to delete because it was simualar to the one I wanted to run. So I ran the wrong one. I still do not know how to delete the campaigns I do not want or need. Now I find out it counts against me. So I still do not know how to get rid of ones that get in the way.

  • Emanuel Hernandez commented  · 

    So is being planned since August last year and yet not started or implemented? What is the point of having a system like this where we share and vote what we want as users if you guys will not implements our top voted ideas in a reasonable time?

  • Nicolas Delgado commented  · 

    This is very necessary since the traffic source always tests your links and mess up your "cost" on Voluum. So I get like 50 clicks from the traffic source's Manager who is testing my link in order to aprove my ad and Voluum thinks Im being charged 10 cents (or whatever bid) for each click that im actually not being charged for.

  • Chad Edwards commented  · 

    Put me in the "must have" category as well.

  • John Wolf commented  · 

    any update on this one? this is really a must have

  • Emanuel Hernandez commented  · 

    This is a Must have. I can't believe it was not added out of the box

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