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Multi User Functionality

Create separate logins for clients or partners and give them limited access to certain campaigns. Have the option to set campaigns to READ ONLY or editable by the user.

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Joe Leone shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →
started  ·  Adrian.Love responded  · 

With the release of the basic version of the user management tool, we will now be continuing it’s development to include a permissions + events log.
Feedback is always welcomed and updates will be posted here.

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  • Gertjan Koops van 't Jagt commented  · 

    Any idea when the permissions feature is ready? Until than i have to work with multiple accounts.

  • Yaroslav commented  · 

    I'd love to employees have not seen income / profit. I would hope that this feature will

  • SALAH EDDINE TELO commented  · 

    would be great if we can select a specific amount of events for each account , so it will be easy to organize the work for co-workers .

  • Omni commented  · 

    Any update on this? This would be awesome

  • yoel commented  · 

    Login area for publishers to see their stats.
    I really need this feature

  • Maximilian Gabath commented  · 

    What's the latest on this? Such a critical feature for many and one reason I can't fully switch to Voluum.

  • mouhamed khouma commented  · 

    Can you guys make this a priority please it is critical to get this going. Thanks

  • Allan Ong commented  · 


    We would like to request for a feature that allows secondary accounts of our main account voluum.

  • alex commented  · 

    I would like to see a feature where you can create additional user logins to your account and set permission roles. It would be great if you have employees and you don't want them to see your profits, etc. but only have permissions to create, edit new landing pages or campaigns, add/edit offers, etc.

  • Logan Jory commented  · 

    Make a publisher login interface to view and run offers based on permissions set by me

  • Bart Smets commented  · 

    We have 2 exisistng voluum accounts because of several people joining forces. Ho can we merge 2 existing accounts into one so that we can correct manage all campaigns and not loose the existing data ?
    Thank you for letting us know how this can be done.

  • Marc Roberts commented  · 

    Multi-user support is Work in progress

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