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spy mode to view clicks in real time

spy mode, to view clicks in real time. similar to what CPVlabs or prosper202 has

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  • Robert Rem commented  · 

    I see in the new "Live visits" you still have to update the page manually by clicking Refresh which is not how spy view works in prosper202 (and probably in cpvlab)

    The whole point and excitement of live view is to see clicks/conversions roll in in real time without having to click any "Refresh" button, could you guys set it up to update automatically?

  • James Lamb commented  · 

    I've moved some of my campaigns to Voluum but not having this feature right now is driving me nuts and has prevented me from moving the remainder.

    I'd be happy to provide feedback but at minimum I'd like to see live visitors with the option to display the v1, v2, etc tags next to them. I'd also like an option for live conversions/a list of all conversions across all campaigns for a certain date also displaying the variables. It's really nice to be able look at a list of all my conversions for the day rather than clicking into 100 campaigns.

  • James Lamb commented  · 

    This is one of my favorite features that the competition has that you're missing. I really like the ability to watch clicks or conversions come in real time. Watching the clicks really helps when I'm testing out new campaigns to catch bad keywords before I overspend on them.

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