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Optimization suggestions

Hints to optimize a campaign.

Like: Stop advertising on carrier X and improve your overall ROI with X%

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erik shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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  • Winston Chan commented  · 

    Would be nice if Voluum could make optimization suggestions based on machine learning of the various data that it has collected for a campaign.

  • Ron Mahon commented  · 

    It would be nice if I could build Alerts right here in volume.

  • bo.schroeder20 commented  · 

    A feature that you simply have to add in order to keep up with competitors like adsbridge, is the option to set a daily cap on your offers.

    One of my offers for example has a daily cap, that is usually hit when I am sleeping... Would be nice if Voluum automatically switched offers after it hits the cap.

  • Allan Ong commented  · 

    Trigger Alert to mobile SMS when reach a certain clicks (Rules) defined by User.

  • Daniel Sandercock commented  · 

    Would love to see this added. Any news on implementation?

  • tom commented  · 

    Any news here by any chance Robert?


  • Advance Mobile commented  · 

    There should be a way to "pause" a campaign, so a user can know which ones have been paused and whats active, adding also a function that alerts you if a certain campaign that is set on paused has had over a certain number of clicks/views (for safety, so the user can notice if he thinkg he paused something and its untrue)

  • Gökhan Bilir commented  · 

    I think, You've already thought. I have 2 an idea.

    1. Rule-Path Auto Optimization according to epc or epv
    2. cap as daily and total for offers.

    Also we need TL currency. Some network working with TL or EUR curreny. This is important too.

    Good works team

  • Mark Phaneuf commented  · 

    This would be a huge help to have this feature

  • Tim Rohrer commented  · 

    Offer cap re-direct

    -If one offer hits cap at say 300 leads, the next offer kicks in... if that offer then too hits cap, the 3rd offer kicks in.

  • seon commented  · 

    Any news on this one? Would love to see that feature soon.

    If anybody has a work around I would appreciate this as well.

  • Toby Rosen commented  · 

    It would be great if there was a redirect feature for offers, where I could redirect one offer to another if the first one gets paused and I need some time to change all the offers.

  • Kenneth Wong commented  · 

    Would love to see this feature. I'm sure everyone has dealt with cap issues before and this would be used on a regular basis. Any idea when and if this feature will be implemented?

  • Bas van Dijk commented  · 

    Alert/notification system.

    I would like to get a notification when a campaign has spend XX $ amount. Each time he hits this number I would like to check the campaign to optimize.

    At the moment it's hard to stay organized if you have a lot of campaigns running.

  • xavierfok commented  · 

    Advanced campaign optimization.

    automatic optimization of offers to send majority of traffic to the best performing offer while still keeping the top 3 tested. so we will suffer significantly less from offer sudden bad performance.

  • Shay Ronen commented  · 

    Better idea, intergrate PUSHBullet , will be free for everyone too!

  • Kristiyan Marinov commented  · 

    Add rule for automatic pausing of offers based on EPC pefrormance.Rotating multiple offers evaluate which has highest EPC and pause the others.

  • Tashina Ransom commented  · 

    any update on the automatic optimization options? Simple LP and Offer ones should be really easy for you to implement on the programming side but make a HUGE difference overall for us to not have to worry about those two specific factors.

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