Event Log: Taking a Look at Actions and Entries


In the Event log tab, you can retrospectively review different actions performed on your account or campaign settings within a specified time range.

You can verify changes applied to the following entities:

  • Campaigns
  • Offers
  • Landers
  • Affiliate networks
  • Traffic sources

And monitor the following actions:

  • Create
  • Change
  • Archive
  • Restore

To select the events you want to view, first you need to specify:

  • Users: It defines which user's actions you want to display. In Voluum you might be an account owner or have access to the platform by having got an invite from the other Voluum user.  In the Event log tab you can filter out the entities by selecting the account of a user who performed a given action.
  • Actions: If you want to investigate a particular type of the action, you can select it from the drop-down menu.
  • Entity types: All aforementioned entities can be filtered out in the Event log tab.
  • Time range: You just only need to select a time range of your choice. 

Voluum Info: By default, users, actions, and entity types are set to All and the time range setting is set to Today

Displaying an Event Log Entry

You can quickly go and display details of a single event in the Event log tab:

1. Sign in to Voluum.

2. Click
the  icon (top right corner of the screen). Your account data view will show up.

3. Go to the Event log tab. You will see a list of the registered entries.

4. To display details of a single event, you can:
  • Double-click the event you want to investigate, or
  • Select the event from the list and then, clcik the Details button on the right-hand side
The pop-up window with detailed event information will show up.

Action Statuses

There are four main actions reported in the Event log tab: Create, Change, Archive, Restore. By default, all event details are displayed in the collapsed panel, so to see additional information you need to click on the arrow icon.

Action: Create

All newly created entities will have the action status, Create, in the Event log tab and all old values will be presented with - (dash).


Action: Change

If there has been any change made within the existing entity, then it will be reported with the action status, Change. In this case, you can find the Old value from which the entity has been changed to the New value.


Action: Archive

If the entity has been archived, it will be reported with the Archive action status.

Action: Restore

If the entity has been restored, it will be reported with the Restore action status. No further information will be provided in the pop-up window.


Below you can find a list of available properties that are reported for a given entity. You should keep in mind that only those proeprties are displayed that were changed in the selected time range.

  • Traffic source entity:
    • Traffic source name
    • Traffic source postback URL
    • Pixel redirect URL
    • Impression tracking (the true / false value is displayed)
    • External ID with a parameter and placeholder
    • Cost with a parameter and placeholder
    • Custom variables (1-10) with a parameter, placeholder, name, track (the true / false value is displayed)
  • Campaign entity:
    • Campaign name
    • Traffic source
    • Country
    • Cost model
    • Redirect mode
    • Traffic source postback URL
    • Pixel redirect URL
    • Destination type
  • Offer entity:
    • Offer name
    • Offer URL
    • Country
    • Affiliate network
    • Payout model
    • Payout value
  • Lander entity:
    • Lander name
    • Lander URL
    • Number of offers
    • Country
  • Affiliate network entity:
    • Affiliate network name
    • Append click ID to offer URLs (the true / false value is displayed)
    • Accept duplicate postbacks (the true / false value is displayed)
    • Only accept postbacks from white-listed IPs  (the true / false value is displayed)

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