Adding / searching tags


Our tagging functionality permits you to assign custom tags to your campaigns, landers and offers to facilitate improved organisation.

Tags can be searched for individually or in groups to quickly reference the relative components within your Voluum account.

Where can I enter tags for my landers, offers and campaigns?

In both lander and offer configuration windows, the Tags field is located at the bottom of the window.


In the campaign configuration window, the Tags field is located under the Redirect mode radio buttons.

Adding new tags

To assign new tags to your campaigns, landers or offers, simply type it into the relevant field and press ‘Enter’ or click on ‘Add new tag’ to add.


Existing tags that match your value input(s) will be shown in the drop-down menu of the tags field. Once shown, you can simply select (click) to assign it. See ‘Sweeps’ tag in the example above.

Searching by tags

Once you have assigned custom tags to your offers, landers and campaigns, you can then use the search field found in the main panel view to to quickly reference components by specific tags.

To search by specific tags, you need to first toggle (click) the TEXT:TAGS slider so TAGS is highlighted.

Then, input your tag values into the search field and select (click) them from the drop-down menu.


Once you’ve completed with the tag inputs, click on ‘Apply’ to show only those components with the related tags.

The panel will then refresh to show only the components which were previously assigned the chosen tags. Note: To toggle the search field back to search by values, adjust the slider to the TEXT position.


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