Pausing Temporarily Unavailable Offers in Campaigns

Conversion caps are based on a maximum number of conversions per day. In Voluum the Conversion cap feature permits you to set a daily limit of conversions as well as choose the redirect offer. When the limit of conversions is exceeded during the day, visitors, who are using this campaign’s offer, will be automatically redirected to the offer provided as the redirect offer. But the Conversion cap feature allows you to go beyond that. While setting it up, you can pick 0 (zero) as your Daily cap limit what from a business perspective pauses the primary offer and redirect your visitors to the redirect offer. For example, if your offer is put on-hold for some time by an affiliate network or it is not as lucrative as you would like it to be, you can always pause it and redirect your visitors to another offer 

without inconvenience with changing all your campaigns and flows.

 As a result, your visitors will only see the redirect offer without reaching the primary offer. The below article shows you how to do that.

Voluum Info: Before starting following the below steps, read the following two points:

  • This guide instructs you how to pause an already existing offer. Therefore, it is assumed that you have good knowledge about adding an offer and setting up a campaign funnel for it. If you need to recall yourself some of the options while adding the offer or creating the campaign funnel, go to the articles: 

I. Pause an Offer in a Campaign Funnel

To pause the offer what means that you need to set up a Daily cap limit to 0, perform the following steps:

Voluum Note

Keep in mind that you need to h

ave the redirect offer defined to be able to set up the primary offer on-hold. Moreover, the offer needs to be active in Voluum, because the traffic will be redirected to this offer.

1. Sign in to Voluum.

2. Go to Offers. The Offers view will show up.

3. Select and edit the offer that you want to pause. The edited offer will show up in the form on the right-hand side.

4. Scroll down to the Conversion cap section. In the Conversion cap section turn on the toggle to activate the Conversion cap feature:
5a. Provide 0 as the number of conversions per day in the Daily cap field.

Voluum Note: Mind that when you pause the offer, the change applies to all campaign funnels where the primary offer is set.

5b. Select a time zone of the affiliate network from the Time zone drop-down menu.

Voluum Note: You need to take into account that daily cap limit in Voluum resets upon a new day based on the time zone selected from the Time zone drop-down menu. To count conversions accurately, the time zone in Voluum should match the time zone set in your affiliate network. 

5c. From the Redirect offer drop-down menu select the offer to which the traffic should be redirected:

6. Click the Save button. You have paused the offer in Voluum. Since then, the visitors will see the redirect offer.

II. Take a Look at the Data

Once the primary offer has been put on-hold with its campaign funnel, you can take a look at your data collected in Voluum:

Voluum Info: When you take a look at your data in Voluum, you need to keep in mind that you might need to wait a few minutes until, firstly, the conversion cap progress bar will show up in the Offers view, secondly, all registered conversions are displayed in the reporting panel. However, the time lag of displaying conversions should not be longer than 3 minutes.

1. In the Offers view there is a Conversion cap column where you can verify how many conversion are registered for the redirect offer without registering conversions for the primary offer:

Conversion cap activated


Daily cap limit set to 0: When you have paused the primary offer and redirected your visitors to another offer, you will see 0 / 0 in the column for the primary offer. If the redirect offer has the Conversion cap option disabled, there will be no statistics displayed for this offer. 

2. In campaign reports you can also see the Conversion cap status of your offers:

2a. Go to the Campaigns view.

2b. In 
the Campaigns view double-click a campaign with the offer where the Conversion cap option is activated. The drill-down report for the selected campaign will open in a separate tab.

2c. If not loaded automatically, select the Offers option from the drop-down menu in the bar:

2d. In the
Campaigns drill-down report you will see all only the redirect offer because it gets displayed only for the tracking events.
Before starting analyzing the data from the campaign drill-down report take into account the following points:

Voluum Info: A tracking event is a visit or conversion. If you go to the

 Settings > General settings tab, you can find the Conversion registration time reporting option that determines which event timestamp is used to display your reports. If it is the visit, your data gets displayed with the timestamp of the registered timestamp. Otherwise, it is the conversion timestamp.

Nevertheless, keep in mind that all data is always recorded in the Voluum platform.

  • If you have paused the offer using the Conversion cap option, the data in the drill-down report will show up if only there have been recorded at least one tracking event. It means that you will see only the redirect offer and the primary offer will not be listed therein.

  • The Conversion cap status displayed in the column always informs you about the status of the Conversion cap for today according to the affiliate network time zone set in the Offer setup; even if, you might want to change the time range of the Campaign drill-down report. In other words, there are no historical statistics about the previous setups of the Conversion cap option.

  • The time range that you see in the menu bar for the Campaign drill-down report is determined by your global settings. For example, when you have set up the Default time zone in the Settings > General settings tab, all Voluum reports, including the Campaign report, will be set according to those time settings. It means that the Campaign drill-down report time zone settings might be different than the time zone settings of the Conversion cap column because the Conversion cap status is always displayed according to the affiliate network time zone defined in the given Offer setup.
  • Furthermore, if you have more than one redirect offer in the loop and the offers have been set with different affiliate network time zones, the Conversion cap statuses will be displayed only for today and today will be defined by each of those time zones.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Have more questions about the conversion cap? You might find the answer below:

  • Is there any limit of offers in the chain?
Yes, there is. You can have maximum 10 offers in the redirection chain. If there is a loop of offers that point to each other and daily caps for all the offers in the loop are exceeded, conversions will be added to the primary offer in the loop.
  • I have double-checked which offer my visitors are seeing and this is the primary offer. Could you explain why?

Due to the delay in triggering it might happen that the visitors will see the primary offer. However, the delay should not last longer than 5 minutes.

  • What will happen when I change the limit of daily conversions, Daily cap, in the offer's configuration while the campaign is running?

If you change the daily conversion limit in the Daily cap field, the change is immediately applied to the campaign funnel's configuration. In other words, if the newly updated limit allows to add more conversions to the primary offer, all traffic will point to that offer until the daily cap limit is going to be exceeded. Otherwise, visitors will see the redirect offer.

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