(Beta version) Creating a Campaign within a New Look - Part 3: Best Practices

Voluum offers you a beta version of the Flow and Campaign forms. Now, within a Voluum look & feel, you can add the flow and campaign entity in a consistent and balanced way. Currently, it is available for testing to selected customers.

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Once the campaign is approved in your traffic source and traffic is sent, you can start analyzing your campaign’s performance based on the large range of report categories available in Voluum. 

To always get the best results, you may find some of the following points useful and applicable in your campaign funnels: 

  • Name the campaign in a way which will make it easy to identify later.

  • Use tags to filter and group campaigns. This is the quickest way of finding the campaign in Voluum.

  • Use emojis to identify different entities (campaigns, flows, offers, etc.) in Voluum at first glance. Suprised? See how the Campaigns view may look like:

    Just copy the emoji from any website on the Internet and paste it to the Campaign name text field.

  • Pay attention to which domain names should be used in URLs of different entities in one campaign funnel. You can use multiple CNAME domains and multiple Voluum domains. To avoid problems though, always stick to the same domain within one campaign funnel:

    • For offers: Tracking pixels

    • For landers: Click URLs or Multi-offer click URLs

    • For the campaign: Campaign URL and, if required, Impression pixel URL

  • Double check if you use the HTTP or secure HTTP (HTTPS) protocol to avoid mixing up the HTTP with HTTPS links. Modern browsers see this as a conflict. Cookies saved for the HTTPS links cannot be accessed by the HTTP link.

To read more, go to the Google Web Fundamentals: What Is Mixed Content? article.

  • Define flows in the Voluum platform to save your time in the future. Changes in the flow propagate to all campaigns where the flow is applied. Moreover, they can be used as templates for the paths' setup to speed up the process of setting up the campaign funnels.

To find more information on flows, go to the (Beta version) Defining a Flow within a New Look article.

  • Always check the latest news in Voluum and learn about more advanced features to get the most of your traffic. There are many of them to help you perform your campaign in the most efficient way. Below you can find links to the latest ones:

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