Setting up a traffic source

Voluum gives you the option to use traffic source templates. To see the list, click on traffic source templates button okpng and choose your traffic source from the list.
The fields will be populated with data provided by the particular traffic source.

Click here for the traffic source templates list.

If your traffic source isn't listed within the 'Traffic source templates', it's required to add it manually instead.

Follow the guidelines below to create a new traffic source template;

  1. Click on the traffic sources button ok okpng tab to enter the Traffic sources panel.

  2. Then, click new traffic source button okpng to add a new entry.

  3. The settings panel will open. Now you need to enter the traffic source name.

new traffic source panelpng

Postback URL and External ID

You’re able to send conversion information to the traffic source by using the postback URL and external ID variables.

Click here for further information on traffic source postback URL and external ID.

Cost Variable

Some ad networks use click cost data in the destination URL:

For Voluum tracking of campaign costs using this parameter:

  1. Set the Cost parameter to, e.g., “bid”

  2. Enter the cost token from your traffic source in the placeholder field; here it’s {BID}

  3. Later, during campaign setup with this specific traffic source, the Auto cost model option will be selected

Cost parameter and placeholder setup:

cost variable formpng

Auto cost model:

cost model auto okjpg

Custom variables

Some traffic sources let you pass additional parameters in the destination URL:

  • This includes publisher ID, target ID or keyword

  • Voluum can track these dynamic parameters and generate useful reports

  • To track a dynamic parameter, use the Custom Variables fields (ranging from 1-10)

  • The below example (“Decisive”) shows you how to set up a postback URL and custom variables:

decisive tempaltepng

NOTE 1: Make sure the parameters and placeholders are correct, i.e., supported by the specific traffic source.

NOTE 2: You can activate and deactivate custom variable tracking by using the track box. If you want to track a particular variable, check the box tick box ticked okpng. If you want to stop tracking the variable, simply uncheck it tick box unticked okpng   


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