Zeropark is a real time bidding ad network focusing on quality domain, pop and search traffic.
We allow our advertisers to bid on visitors (1 billion visitors per monbth from over 16 million parked domains).
We offer global reach, advanced optimization tools, and a broad scope of targeting.

Zeropark is a predefined traffic source in Voluum. 
As result, creating your Zeropark campaigns in Voluum is quick and easy as all required tracking parameters will be automatically passed for Zeropark campaigns.

To use Voluum with your Zeropark campaigns, follow these steps:

  1. Create a new campaign in Voluum.
  2. Set the campaign's traffic source to Zeropark and then add the components of your campaign funnel (Lander / Offer)
  3. After saving the campaign, copy-paste the Voluum campaign URL to Zeropark's Destination URL field.
    Note: Zeropark campaign URLs which are generated in Voluum will be absent of any tracking parameters.
    Parameters will be appended automatically when the campaign URL is added as the destination URL on Zeropark.
  4. After you paste the URL in you will get a confirmation message looking like this:

Thanks to integration between our two systems, Voluum will automatically imports targets, keywords, costs and source data from Zeropark.

Furthermore, with full integration between Zeropark and Voluum projected for completion this month, you'll then be able to control your Zeropark campaigns directly from within your Voluum panel with the scope to execute actions like pause, resume, archive, restore, change bids on ZeroPark campaigns.

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