Setting up a lander

You can watch a video with a step-by-step guide presenting how set up a lander for your campaign funnels:

With Voluum you can use any hosting service (including a CDN see why here) and programming language for your landing pages. A very minimalistic lander for testing purposes could look as follows:

<!DOCTYPE html> 
<a href="">Click here to buy!</a> 

The link is called your click tracking link. You can use this single URL for all your landing pages. Voluum will know where to redirect a user by reading a cookie that was set during the initial redirect to a landing page. In the rare case when a user disabled cookies, Voluum also passes the same information from the campaign URL to lander URL and reads it from the referrer during the click redirect. The click URLs are account-specific.

To find your unique tracking links, go to Settings by clicking the  icon in the top right corner of the screen and select the Tracking URLs tab.

Once you have your landing page ready and uploaded to your hosting service, you can add it to Voluum:

1. Sign in to Voluum.

2. Go to Landers. The Landers view will show up.

3. Click the New lander button. The New lander form will show up.

4. Provide data for your lander.

Voluum Note: Landers are optional for those of you who do direct linking to offers.

You'll paste the URL where your lander is hosted into the URL input field. You can pass the available URL tokens to your lander URL as seen on the left where we pass model and OS data.

You can then use this simple script to display this data on your lander. A very useful tool for catching a users attention, be it displaying an OS (ie. Dear Android user) or displaying a keyword on your lander that you get from your traffic source.

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