Adding an offer

Offer setup

Tips & Tricks: Before adding your offers in Voluum,  the offer URL(s) should be easily accessible for quick reference.

Step 1: Go to the Offers tab on the main dashboard.

Step 2: Click the button. Below is the default New offer view.

Naming Offers

Step 3: Setting a unique Name for your offer.

This is the name of your Offer – you'll see it’s populated with Global for new offers.

Voluum has an automatic naming structure to help you organize your offers based on the following labels:

  • Offer source (affiliate network or other)

  • Country (applicable if the offer is geo-specific)

  • Unique customized name

In the following example we’ve chosen United States for country and DemoAffiliateNetwork as our affiliate network from the available drop-down menus.

The offer name will automatically change to DemoAffiliateNetwork - United States.
To finish, you need to give your offer a unique name – Our Offer, in the example below:


Tips & tricks: The Country label is used as an organizational tool that groups your Offers and Landers into country groups.

Note: If your Offer is intended for multiple geos, use the Global option by leaving the Country field blank.

Offer URLs

Step 5: Add your Offer URL.

Paste your Offer URL into the URL field (sourced from an affiliate network or other).


Important note: The conversion tracking method compatible with the offer will determine which parameters/tokens are required in the offer URL.

The general rule: when using a S2S postback URL for conversion tracking, you must map the Voluum click ID token to a subid parameter in the URL for it to be passed to the network.

However, offers using a tracking pixel to track conversions do not require the Voluum click ID to be passed in the offer URL. This is because it will be referred from the cookie stored following a campaign visit.

Available URL tokens (optional)

Available URL tokensare also found in an offer’s configuration.


If you add the desired tokens to an offer URL query string, additional data is sent for every offer click registered.

For example, if you want to send campaign ID, IP, country (code) and ISP data for every offer click, you must append the corresponding token to a parameter within  the offer URL.

Example offer URL with additional data tokens mapped:{clickid}&subid2={}&subid3={ip}&subid4={country}&subid5={isp}

Example of offer URL with tokens resolved with data:

Tips & Tricks: Networks use their own dedicated subid parameters for receiving additional data for offer clicks. We always recommend that you check with your network which parameters are supported.

Postback URL

If your offer supports conversion tracking via a S2S postback URL, then you need to
Clipboard’ the supplied postback URL and modify it with the tokens supported by the associated affiliate network/advertiser.

If an offer only supports client-side tracking pixels, you need to place your Voluum tracking pixel within the page that follows a conversion event (i.e. a “thank you” page)


You can track Payout either by dynamically tracking values sent via a postback URL/pixel request (Auto) or by manually entering a fixed amount into the offer’s configuration (Manual).

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