Adding a Custom Domain

In Voluum you can use either the Dedicated Domain or a custom domain as a tracking domain. The custom domain allows you to track traffic only from your campaigns regardless of other users' activities. Even more, by adding the custom domain you can customize the campaign, click, and tracking pixel URLs selectively (per campaign) with a domain of your choice.

While adding the custom domain to Voluum, you need to take into account that SSL is not supported for the custom domain setup. Therefore, none of URLs in your ad campaigns can use a secure connection (https://).

To find out more about the Voluum domains and differences between them, go to the Dedicated Domain, Redirect Domain, Legacy Domains, and Custom Domains article.

There are a large number of domain registrars available for purchasing a custom domain. Each one follows (roughly) the same configuration steps to add a custom domain to Voluum. Below there is a general guideline how you can configure and add a custom domain to your Voluum account:

I. Configure the Custom Domain on Registrar's Side

  1. First, have your web domain ready; for example,

  2. Then, create a subdomain for the primary domain; this could be

  3. Voluum Note

    All domains assigned to your account you can find in the Domains tab in Voluum. If the Dedicated Domain is already available on your account, you need to point to the Dedicated Domain. Otherwise, you should provide a name of one of the Voluum legacy domains.
    1. The next step is setting up a CNAME (Alias) record on the subdomain pointing to your Voluum domain.

    2. (If available) set the TTL number for the CNAME record to “minimum” – this will help the DNS settings propagate quicker.

    II. Set up the Custom Domain in Voluum

    1. Navigate within the Voluum dashboard to Settings > Domains tab and click on  add_cdpng

    2. Insert your custom domain – here it’s – into the new field and then click on - verify_dns_buttonpng

    3. Once the domain settings are fully propagated, the verify button will change to dom_okpng

    4. Select a domain as your Main domain by clicking on setasmdpng

    5. Click SAVEpng to store your changes.

    6. Campaign URLs will now automatically use the Main domain you’ve chosen.
      In addition, click and tracking pixel URLs will also be automatically populated with your chosen main domain.

    Note: If you get an error screen (“CNAME validation error”) after verifying the DNS settings, the settings may not be fully configured. You can fix this by reducing the TTL number for the CNAME record, or wait until the new DNS settings are fully resolved.

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    Frequently Asked Questions:

    Have more questions about the domains? You might find the answer below:

    • What is the difference between the legacy domain, custom domain, and Dedicated Domain?
    To get familiar with the concept of tracking domains in Voluum, read the Dedicated Domain, Redirect Domain, Legacy Domains, and Custom Domains article.

    • I've added the custom domain, but it isn't working
    If only you have set up the custom domain properly, you might experience a DNS validation error. Read more in the FAQ: Why isn't my custom domain working? article.

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