Postback URLs

Server-to-server postback URLs are the most secure and reliable method to count conversions, as such we recommend using this form of automated tracking whenever you can.

Use the URLs you see in the offer configuration window, note that the payout and txid parameters are optional:


To get your postback links working you have to:

  1. Include the {clickId} token in your offer URLs. For example, you can add ?subid={clickId} to the offer URL, to have the click ID passed to the postback via the subid parameter on the affiliate networkside.

  2. Copy (clipboard) and then paste the postback URL to your affiliate network panel. Make sure to replace the tokens in REPLACE and OPTIONAL strings with affiliate network-specific tokens.

The following is what your postback URL would look like on a HasOffers based network:{aff_sub}&payout={payout}

Furthermore, here's a breakdown of how Server to server postbacks function:

To reconcile in our system which click converts we generate a unique clickid value for that click.

This unique clickid will be sent to your affiliate network, who will then capture and pass the clickid back to Voluum after the conversion is recorded on their end(via a S2S postback).

When the postback URL gets sent back to Voluum from the network, we use that clickid to associate it to the original click.

i.e. In passing the click id to the network, and comparing to the clickid which is passed back, when it is matched in our system a conversion is successfully registered.

To make this work, you will pass Voluum's clickid to the network via the {clickid} token in the offer link.

Offer Link Ex:{clickid}

When that offer link is visited, the {clickid} token is replaced with a unique click id value e.g. c384EFV6JHQODRN70575OK6UG5

Ex:   <- Upon Visit

The postback URL used to send back the recorded click ID from the network will look like this:{aff_sub}*

Here's an example of a postback URL configured to pass payout automatically:{aff_sub}&payout={payout}*

In the case a network doesn't support passing payout dynamically, then it can be passed manually via a static value.

Here's a different example of a postback URL configured to pass payout manually:{aff_sub}&payout=6

*Parameters used in the offer URL and placeholders used in the postback URL are in compliance to those which are supported by your network.

As such, it's best to refer to the affiliate network documentation or consult with their support to find out which tokens you should use to pass back click ID and payout.

As the payout parameter is optional, if you do not use it, you can manually specify the payout in the offer configuration.

NOTE: The value input into the offer configuration for manual payout will override any other value which is passed back.

Do not put these URLs in your landing pages, they are meant to be placed on the affiliate network / advertiser side.

If it's a case that S2S postbacks aren't supported (direct offer) , then the alternate solution to track conversions is by the use of a tracking pixel.

Tracking pixels are cookie based so they don't rely on the click id being passed in the offer URL.

That is, cid is stored in the initial cookie logged for that visitor, so conversion tracking will still work if the parameter is missing.

Tracking pixels are always placed after the conversion actually takes place, i.e. on the thank you page.

The tracking pixels can be found within the set-up tab in your Voluum panel's settings.


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