Can I use a CDN to host my landers?

Yes, you can host your whole landers on a CDN as Voluum doesn't require you to place any silly PHP scripts on your landers allowing them to remain static. 

We highly recommend that you use a fast and reliable third-party hosting service to ensure that your landing pages get the best possible service. This is to ensure that landing page's loading times are kept as low as possible– quicker page loading will reduce a lander’s bounce rate.

This will then increase the chances of a higher click-through rate and, resultantly, a higher conversion rate. To host landing pages containing both static and dynamic content, we recommend using a CDN (content delivery network).

You also have multiple solutions available to help you measure your page load / response times, which helps you with optimization.
We highly recommend Pingdom’s Website speed test tool to get a detailed overview of your landing page’s performance.

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