Rule Paths - General

Rules are applicable for re-targeting your campaign's visitors to specific landing pages and offers based on conditional criteria. This feature will let you define conditions, for instance targeting users using specific brand, language, ISP, custom variable, country, or operating system*. Rules encompass all Voluum report categories and traffic source (custom variable) data.

To send your visitors to specific landing pages and offers:

  1. Click the  addrulepng  button while editing the campaign.

  2. Here you can target users by setting conditions; for example:
    • Brand

    • Custom variables

    • Operating system (e.g., splitting between iOS and Android), etc.

When you set up e.g. 2 variables within 1 condition. the system will distribute traffic to the specific path that meets at least one requirement (OR basis). 

When you set up e.g. 2 conditions within the same rule, both conditions have to be met in order to redirect the traffic to the specific path (AND basis).

rule2cons2vars altpng

3. After setting up the rules, click the Save button. The new path will be created.

4. Next, add the desired Lander (optional) and Offer from  the drop-down lists

5. Click the  Save button in the window.

Voluum Note: Rules work on a priority basis. When visitors meet the criteria from multiple rules, they are usually sent through the first rule path (on the top) that you have created, which will be treated as a base rule (priority). If the visitors don't meet the criteria of this initial rule path, they will be passed on to the secondary rule until the defined criteria match.
If none of the criteria are met within defined rule paths, the visitors will be redirected to the default path. 

You can change this simply by moving up the rule path by clicking the  rule priorpng 

The recommended application of rules is to have those with the most specific criteria at the top and those with broader criteria lower in ranking. This logic is to avoid any conflict of rule path criteria.

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