Dynadot: Setting up a Custom Domain

To set up a custom domain on Dynadot, perform the following steps:
  1. Purchase your domain (cliqski.com in this example)
      2. Go to the DNS settings

      3. Dynadot requires you to add an A record, a
dd an A record of
      4. Add a new sub-domain (track.cliqski.com)

      5. Select CNAME from the Record Type drop-down menu.

      6. Provide your Voluum domain in the IP Address or Target Host field.

    Voluum Note

    All domains assigned to your account you can find in the Domains tab in Voluum. If the Dedicated Domain is already available on your account, you need to point to the Dedicated Domain. Otherwise, you should provide a name of one of the Voluum legacy domains.

          7. Click the Save DNS button.

          8. Go to the Voluum platform:

            8a. Sign in to Voluum.

            8b. Click 
    the  icon (top right corner of the screen). Your account data view will show up.

            8c. Go to the Domains tab.

            8d. Add your new subdomain (track.cliqski.com in this example) as your custom domain. 

    To find out how to set up a custom domain in Voluum, go to the Adding a Custom Domain article, section: II. Set up the Custom Domain in Voluum.

    Frequently Asked Questions:

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