Tracking Impressions in Voluum

To track impressions in Voluum, follow the steps below: Traffic source setup:

1. Click on traffic sources button ok ok.png in the Voluum dashboard to view the traffic sources tab.

2. Create a new traffic source new traffic source button ok.png or edit button ok ok .png an existing one.

3. Tick the impression tracking box so Voluum can track impressions.

tick the impression tracking ok.png

4. Save the changes by clicking on save.png

Campaign setup:

5. Click on campaigns tab button ok.jpg  to go to the Campaigns tab.

6.Then click on new_campaign.png to create a new campaign.

7. Choose the same traffic source as selected for impression specific.

8. From the cost options, choose CPM and provide the cost value.

cost model CPM ok.jpg

9. Complete campaign creation by adding the paths within your campaign funnel.

10. Save the campaign by clicking on save.png

11. The campaign URL and impression pixel URL have now been generated:

impression pixel and campaign url with demo account.png

To track impressions, you need to insert both the impression pixel URL and campaign URL into the traffic source panel.

All variables are attributed to the impression pixel URL, not the campaign URL.

It’s very important that both are placed in order to record impressions, pass variable data from the source, and ensure that traffic is redirected correctly to the campaign.

12. To see impressions data in reports, click on the column view selection button choose columns to show button ok.jpg

13. Tick Impressions from the list.

show column impressions ok.jpg

14. Confirm any changes by clicking on Apply apply changes button ok.jpg

Click here for more information on traffic source setup.

Click here for more information on campaign setup.


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