User management

Voluum’s user management tool (V.1) enables a Voluum client to grant shared access to their account along with the available functionality and data contained therein.
Access is granted by the primary account owner to trusted parties (users) by e-mail invitation only.

An example use-case of the user management tool:

Different media buying teams within the same agency wish to collaborate on the analysis and optimization of advertising campaigns contained within a single Voluum account.
The owner of the Voluum account can invite their associates as users to their account without the need of disclosing the account’s actual log-in credentials.
Invited users will then have their own independent log-in credentials to access the shared account.

Additional users available per plan

Below is the number of users available per each plan (excluding Pro plan).

Application of the user management tool

Owner - Inviting users:

The guidelines below detail on how a Voluum account owner can invite users to their account.

  1. To access the user management tool, navigate to your Voluum panel’s general settings  cogpng  (top right corner of the screen)

  2. Next, navigate to the  user_managementpng  tab.

  3. A new panel will open.
    To start inviting users, add their emails into the text box with each email separated by a comma ( , ).


    Click on send_invitespng to forward invites.

  4. The list of invited users will now be added into your pending invitations list within the user management tool.


  5. To revoke an invitation, click on the Xpng button beside the invited user.
    Once the invitation is revoked, the user won’t have access to the owner’s account.

  6. Accepted users can be viewed under the ‘List of users’ tab.


  7. To remove a user from the list of users, click on the Xpng button beside the user.

User - Accepting an invitation

  1. Once you receive an invitation from an account owner, you will need to click on the validation link supplied within the email.

    Below is an example email invitation sent from an owner to a user:


John Doe invited you to join ‘Owner account name’ on Voluum.

Please click here to accept the invitation.

Best regards,

Voluum Team

Note: If you have been invited as a user without previously owning a Voluum account, you will be required to complete the sign-up process after accepting an invitation email.

Owner - User scenario

With the user management tool it is also possible to have a primary account as an owner AND be invited to a separate owner’s account as a user.
Once the invitation is accepted, the owner can then toggle between their own primary panel  AND the secondary owner’s panel as a user.

  1. As owner, log-in to your Voluum panel with your own credentials.

  2. Upon successful log-in, you will see an additional tab to the left of the general settings tab (gear icon).

  3. This tab will be displayed with your own account’s label i.e. ‘Owner’
    Clicking upon this tab will then display a drop-down menu of the secondary Voluum account(s) in which you have been accepted as a user - example below.


User permissions:

The primary of iteration of the user management allows a user *access to most of the elements and data preserved within an owner’s account.
The following exceptions are not visible to a user within an owner’s account (general settings):

  • Profile

  • Devices

  • Referral program

  • Subscriptions

  • Invoices

  • Conversion upload

  • Root domain

  • User Management tool


Version 1 of the user management tool doesn’t permit an account owner to set specific admin permissions for invited users.
As such, an invited user can view, edit and create most entities / data which are preserved within the associated owner’s account.

Future versions of the user management tool will include an advanced permissions system to grant the account owner the control of access to information / actions per user.

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