Manual Cost Update

The Manual Cost Update tool enables you to modify your campaign costs in Voluum. You can use this feature if the cost value recorded in Voluum differs from that which is reported at your traffic source.

You can find the Manual Cost Update (MCU) function by clicking the Campaigns tab, choosing your specific campaign and then selecting the Update cost button.

You will now see the dedicated Manual cost updating view. 

In order to update costs, you need to :

1. Select the Time range that you want to update the cost for

2. Choose the appropriate Time zone from the drop-down list:

3. Enter the cost amount into the Cost field:

  • The Manual Cost update function applies to the total cost amount for a specific campaign and time frame. Example: If you have 25,000 visits recorded in a Voluum campaign over a given time range (today) with a corresponding cost of $250,  each visit will be reflected by the cost of $0.01.

  • When you perform a MCU, make sure that the cost correlates to what is recorded on the source.

  • If you manually add costs on a daily basis, they should be aggregated for each time range you specify.

Voluum Note: Your stats are shown using the default "today" time range each time you log in.

  • Remember to use the same time zones and time range as your traffic source to have the cost updated accurately.  

Example: If your source costs are recorded for today: 07/03/16 00:00 to 08/03/16 00:00, it will total $257; now you should use the same time range and amount for the MCU.

Voluum Note: The MCU feature is designed to accept a maximum of 15 updates per hour. It will only be reflected on a per-visit basis and won't be drilled down to a granular level. The means that variables from the source such as site id, keyword, etc., won't have the cost applied.

Restore costs

The restore-cost function will revert the cost back to the values that were registered before the MCU feature was used.

To use the Restore function, you must:

  1. Select the time range that you want to  restore the cost value for

  2. Choose an appropriate time zone from the drop-down list

  3. Check the Restore cost box

Check out the following screen to see how this might look:

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